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*What is spatialspatial designdesign ?

A Human-centric Approach

We believe in designing spaces that suit the specific needs of our clients through evidence-based design principles for wellbeing, with attention to user experience and wayfinding.


Flexible & Future-proofed

Our design strategies aim to optimise the use of available space through creative and functional considerations as well as anticipating and adapting to future uses. 

Our Spaces

We have successfully applied our expertise and creative approach to a wide range of small to medium scale interior and design-build projects for commuity, workplace, hospitality, and exhibition spaces.

Our Design Process

The Right Brief

We work closely with our clients from the brief writing stage to ensure that they see the full potential of their space while meeting their needs. We also love working with open-minded clients and collaborators on design briefs that enable us to explore exciting ways to create space. 


A Visual Identity

Every space is unique. No matter the budget, we believe that every space should have its own identity and character through a clear visual strategy that achieves the right ‘look and feel’. 

Co-design Principles

Our approach is to engage and involve the clients or communities we work with through co-design workshops where possible. We believe in fostering creative collaborations that enhance the diversity of a design. 

Meet Our Design Director

Design Director


Hi, I'm Shu.

I am a spatial and interior design consultant based on Gadigal Country, Sydney. I bring over 7 years of experience working on large-scale planning and architecture projects in the health sector to my current practice where I get to work directly with my clients. My work focuses on spatial strategies and social impact within the built environment through methodologies of co-design and social engagement. 

I am also currently a part of the core teaching program at the Western Sydney School of Architecture as well as a sessional academic in the UTS Interior Architecture program.

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